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Oak Hill 5k – 18:29

Eyeing the Finish Line

Eyeing the Finish Line

When I saw Oak Hill Elementary’s “Run For FUNds” 5K on the race calendar (5/1), I made sure to sign up this year. Last year, I missed the race, as I ran through the course during a 15 mile long run. It’s an easy course and an easy field. Only a handful of the 200+ runners break 20 minutes. It’s one of those family/school-oriented 5Ks. Thus, I left the suspicious do rag at home. 😉

Another race. Another PR. My 18:29 beat my last 5K and PR of 19:12 at the Crystal City Twilighter. I knew I would crush it. My mileage has been really good lately. And, my transition to forefoot striking has made my running much easier, faster, and more enjoyable. I know that I’ll be taking down this 18:29, sooner or later.

My goal for this race was to run close to sub-6:00s the whole way. While I didn’t quite do it, according to my Garmin (5:54 6:08 6:05 + 0:21), I did run well. My Garmin recorded 3.07 miles. That’s fine. The runner I drafted behind for 3 miles did a great job of running the tangents from traffic cone to traffic cone. Hey, it counts. I eventually passed him in the final ~0.1 miles, and as I did, I told him that I was just trying to break my time (which was going to happen anyways). He wanted me to pass a few times earlier, but I just wasn’t sure I could pass him and hold on to 3rd place for a longer stretch.

It’s kind of weird running on the road for 3.0* miles, then finishing on grass for the final ~100 yards. It was hard to keep the pace up during the transition. I know I slowed a tad in that final stretch.

All in all, it was an enjoyable, low key event close to home. I got to meet some local runners, putting faces to names I’ve read in other race results. Now they know me too.

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  1. May 6th, 2010 at 06:49 | #1

    Hope the one you were drafting on was over four feet tall – those kids must’ve been tough! In all seriousness, nice race – you beat my PR handly!

  2. Peter
    June 7th, 2010 at 05:27 | #2


    Found your blog by accident after looking for photos on this race. I enjoyed the race although the heat got to me in the final mile. Was going for a PR myself (breaking 20:25) and missed it by 5 seconds.

    How did the transition to forefoot striking go? Did you have to consciously do it for a period of time before it became natural?


  3. Peter
    June 7th, 2010 at 05:32 | #3

    Sorry, one more comment.

    I remember talking to you after the race, we both use the Brooks ST4’s. Do you train in them as well? I shifted to using them a few months ago during practice runs and was forced to stop because of pains in my feet. Resumed last month and to my delight the problems seem to have gone. This might be due to losing another 10 lbs.

    Interesting blog, always good to know what kind of training a runner in the 18’s does. I hope to be there within a year or less.

  4. June 7th, 2010 at 10:10 | #4

    Hey Peter, glad you found me. I remember you. Yeah, I train in my ST4s occasionally. I run in my Launch a lot more now, since they last a little longer. My transition to forefoot striking has gone surprisingly well. It has definitely changed my running. I feel faster, and I feel that my long slow runs are easier too. I had fairly pronounced calfs prior to the switch, so the initial strain on them wasn’t as difficult as it is for most folks switching to forefoot striking.

    Hey, I hope you make it over to DailyMile. It is the real reason behind my success. The folks there are great! If you have time for social networking amongst runners and athletes, then check it out:

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